Obria Medical Clinics

Obria Medical Clinics (formerly Birth Choice) are fully-licensed community care clinics providing convenient, confidential and professional medical services including:

We provide the support and answers you need in regards to your sexual health. Your health and wellbeing are important to us.

Pregnancy and STD Testing Clinics

We Care Because We’ve Been There

At Obria Medical Clinics, we espouse a Culture of Kindness and Understanding. Many of our staff have experienced unplanned pregnancies of their own. Some have chosen to parent, a few have chosen to parent through adoption and some have chosen abortion. Many faced those trying times all by themselves, without support from family or friends.

At Obria Medical Clinics, our mission is to give you the encouragement, comfort, information, options and hope that you need during this confusing time. Obria is an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, a warm body to hug and a place free from judgment where you can share your concerns about pregnancy, teenage pregnancy or STDs with caring medical professionals who have helped thousands get through what you may be going through today, whether you are in need of STD testing, pregnancy testing or guidance.

Contact an Obria Medical Clinic near you today to make an appointment for free pregnancy, STD testing or for a medical consultation. You are not alone.

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“From the first visit to Obria, I could tell I was in good hands. Everyone there was friendly and they presented the options with no bias, and allowed me to make my decision. ” – P. Age 22
“I am really thankful for everything Obria gives us and teach us. I’m also glad the Beginnings Parenting Class is free because I have learned a lot from the class and it’s fun too! ” – S. Age 17
“I am so thankful to Obria for going over all of my options. It helped my boyfriend and I to make an informed decision. I felt respected and liked that all the services were free! I would definitely recommend Obria to anyone who needs help! ” – J. Age 19
“I felt comfortable speaking with the Doctors and Nurses at Obria. I feel respected and enjoy the care that is given. I appreciated how calm and comforting the Doctor was speaking with me about all my options. ” – J. Age 20
“I felt respected and enjoyed the snacks that were provided. ” – A. Age 20
“I felt the Client Advocate really listened to me and understood me. I didn’t feel judged and appreciated the information that was given to me. ” – D. Age 26
“I really enjoyed the friendly people here. I appreciated the information about the different STD's and my risk. Thanks for not making it awkward either. ” – D. Age 21
“My girlfriend and I didn't know what to expect. Everyone was professional and helpful. I felt comfortable asking questions and receiving facts. ” – D. Age 25
“Obria has just been an amazing support system since day one of me finding out we would be blessed with a baby. They listen better than your best friend. ” – K. Age 20
“There was a real sense of caring at Obria. I didn't feel judged and most importantly I didn't feel like a number. They treated me and my boyfriend with love and respect. ” – G. Age 25